Rates & Policies

Listed below, you will find our current rates and policies. If you do not find the information you need, please contact our office and we will provide it for you.

Standard Residential Service Rates

Monthly Minimum:
Water Included w/ Minimum Bill:
For the first 1000gal.
Tier (gal.): $ / 1,000 gal.:
1001-3000 $4.27
3001-5000 $4.35
5001-7000 $4.70
7001-Infinity $5.25

The District's water meters are read each month in between the 15th and the 21st.  Please contact our office for any additional information.

Average Billing Examples

2410 $28.02
4694 $37.91
6745 $47.44
10582 $67.45

The average water bill during the off-peak months is: $35.00
The average water bill during peak or summer months is: $45.00

Billing Policy

Bills are rendered and sent out by the first of each month.  Your bill is due on the 15th of each month and if not paid a late fee will be added on the 16th.  If the 15th falls on a weekend then the late fee will be added on the following Tuesday.  A late statement notice will be sent once the late fees are assessed.  Accounts which have not been paid will be locked and a $100 lock/reconnect charge will be added to the outstanding bill.  The account will not be unlocked until the entire balance is paid.  Please note that no account will be carried over 30 days.