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Beware of warm days during winter.

We hope that everyone's New Year has started off great, and we here at RWD #6 are looking forward to an outstanding 2015.  We just wanted to let everyone know that with the wild temperature swings Oklahoma has during it's winter months, its very important not to let your guard against freezing temperatures down. 

If you use a water hose to water your pets or livestock be sure to disconnect it after each use.

If you use heat tape or other methods to keep plumbing from freezing...make sure it is plugged in and working.

If the low temperatures are going to be in the teens or twenties for more than 6 hours, let a faucet or two drip, and open your cabinet doors to let warm air circulate around your plumbing.

Following these few simple tips can end up saving you money and save you from a major headache.  For more tips on how to keep your water from freezing during the winter months, give us a call at the office, we'll be glad to hear from you.