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Brown Water due to Fire in Wagoner

Due to the recent fire that occured in the City of Wagoner, we will be experiencing brown water for the next few days.  This water may look bad, but rest assured it is safe to drink and water livestock and pets with.  We will be flushing for the next few day to get this shot of brown water out of our system.  If you are experiencing this brown water please call the Office at (918) 485-4195, that way we will know where it is in the system.

Thank you for your understanding

RWD6 Management

Low Pressure 2-13-17

The District will shutting down lines on Elevator Road (S. 220rd) on Monday Feb. 13th to tie in new water lines to the system.  Everyone north of Hwy 51 may experience low pressure or no pressure for a few hours Monday.  If you are planning on being home this day, please prepare by drawing up some water in jugs or fill your bathtub with water for use while the system is down.  Thank you for your understanding.

Low pressure Jan. 11th thru 14th

We will be doing the final stages of the St. Hwy 16 waterline project Monday Jan. 11th thru Thursday Jan. 14th.  Everyone south of SW 15th St. or E. 740 rd will be affected.  We will be turning the water off in the Mid-Mornings and hopefully have it back on by Mid-Afternoons.

Low Pressure due to waterline project

Customers that live south of SW 15th St. or E 740 rd can expect low pressure for the next 7 to 10 days as we are tying in the new Hwy 16 waterline to the existing infrastruture.  These low pressure events will be timed to occur from mid-morning until mid-afternoon to minimize the effect of having the lines shut down.  We apologize for the inconvenience, and should be done within the next few days, hopefully by Friday December 18th.

Low pressure possible Friday May 9th

The City of Wagoner will be working on a large main water line tomorrow, Friday May 9th.  There will be the potential for the District to experiance low water pressure during the day.  If you have not regained normal pressure by mid-day Saturday May 10th, please call (918) 752-4959. 

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